Monday, 30 June 2014

Update Out of the Blue...

So... not entirely sure why I've spent my first free afternoon in many a month finishing off the first wave of this project - started four years ago, geez - but there you have it. All four Legendmaker issues are at least now available as .cbr files.

I've switched to Sendspace for the hosting, given that Megaupload are now under all kinds of legal troubles... and the follow-up two issues are also now available for download. (Edit: the files are now hosted on Dropbox.)

In the intervening years, I've still not found out anything more about Michael C. Watson, which is a shame. The internet footprint for these titles is vanishingly small, and mostly recursive links back to this blog, which isn't very helpful!

I stumbled across this post on the Alchemy Gaming blog when I was idly googling Legendmaker the other day (part of the reason I popped my scanner out again): - so apologies to Tom for taking my own sweet time to bring these titles back online!

I do have the full set of eight Mini Adventure Comics, so I'll turn my attention to those, next. There's an order form page with all the covers on in the cbr file for #4, in the meantime. Hopefully it won't be four years before they're available...

(I also have to remember which entry to fix in the first MAC - there's a loop of story you can't reach unless you cheat, because of a typo in one of the panel numbers. I remember 'house ruling' it to make it work back in the 90s, but I'll have to re-work out which number to change when I scan it in)

That's it for now.

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