Friday, 30 July 2010

Aims of the Game

Hello and welcome to another blog aimed at fanning the flames of childhood nostalgia!

The comics produced under the Mini Adventure Comics banner in the early 90s are still titles I look back on fondly, but, aside from entries at the Gamebook Database here and here, there's nothing else about them on the internet, especially not reproductions of pages or fully readable issues.

So, as I've got a full set, a scanner, and occasional portions of downtime here and there, I thought I'd make a side project out of collating and restoring the comics for other readers to enjoy. They may not be the most original approaches to the fantasy genre out there, but they're colourfully illustrated, solid chunks of well-constructed fun and it's a crying shame they and their high production values weren't more successful. It's certainly a format I'd love to see resurrected now - if only for the iPhone generation.

At the moment I'm planning .cbr and .pdf collections, as well as attempting to yoke together some kind of hyperlinked format that you can 'play' as originally intended. Given that I don't own the copyright on the materials, an iPhone app seems rather out of the question, but it would be a fantastic way to showcase the adventures in a perfectly suited format...

Along the way, I might also see if I can find out anything more about the creator of the comics, Michael C. Watson. If anyone stumbles across this site with additional information, or details on similar comics from across the years, I'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, look forward to sporadic updates until the 8 Mini Adventure Comics and 4 extant Legendmaker comics are completed!


  1. Hello, Do you have any of the mini Adventure Comics? I have all 4 of the Main Comics but only 5 of the Mini Comics.

  2. Hi - I've only just stumbled across this blog. Great work!
    Please can you reupload the .cbr versions of Legendmaker somewhere? I'd love to read them again. Also, I'm desperately trying to find a cover shot of Mini Adventure #1 - do you have it?

  3. Issues are all back up, and I'll try to get onto the MAC in due course. I do have all eight issues. Apologies for the long delay - not something I intended, or really intended to revisit!

  4. Do you still have the scans somewhere? Would love to read these again.

  5. Sorry about that, Ozbert - thanks for the nudge, I hadn't realised the links had broken. Links are all restored in the right-hand column.